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mytill™ - is a modern electronic point of sale system that is both simple to use and designed to fit in with the growing needs of your business, providing valuable analytics to help you establish growth trends and understand product performance. mytill™ makes your job easier too, streamlining management processes so you can spend more time focussing on your customers. It comes at an affordable price with no set up fee and a low monthly cost so you'll save money which can be put right back into your business.

mytill™ - brought to you by The Barcode Warehouse

mytill™ comes from the experts at The Barcode Warehouse, who have been offering dynamic barcode solutions to retailers since 1986. So not only will mytill™ fit into your business, it'll keep it running smoothly with the valuable hardware to make your business tick.
You'll also be in great hands with our team of highly trained experts, to help you make informed decisions and increase productivity. They'll support you 100%, quickly fixing issues or explaining additional hardware options, so you can get back to helping your customers.

How will mytill™ help my business

  • Easy to use and set up
    Simple application interface for use on a new or your existing compatible tablet.
  • Take secure card and cash payments
    Use a separate card terminal to give your customers greater flexibility.
  • Manage your business anywhere
    Simple application interface for use on a new or your existing compatible tablet.
  • Streamlines management
    Centrally administer and manage all stores including products, inventory, reporting and clerks.
  • Analytics at your fingertips
    Find out what's selling well and record peak selling times to help you manage resources.
  • Works offline
    Keep selling even if your internet is down so you never miss a sale.
  • Low monthly software cost
    It's affordable - get started with a monthly fee from £24.99 excl VAT.
  • Hardworking hardware
    It's compatible with a number of hardware options to create a bespoke system.
  • Local or regional
    Whether you have one shop or multiple stores, mytill™ is scalable to suit all types of business.

Integrates beautifully with your business.

Product discounts
Multi-product discount support within transactions
Integrated card payment
Automatic transfer of total to card machine
Offline capable
Keep selling even if the internet is down
Enterprise class support
Receive first-class support from our dedicated team
View, manage and report on all stores centrally
Barcode scanning
Scan barcoded items for efficient service
Stock management
Automated inventory control and reporting
Local & web reporting
View, export and email reports from anywhere
To arrange a demonstration call 01636 600400 or email